Bank Confirmations Made Easy for Auditors

Save time on manual work and move to the judgement part of the audit

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Audit faster, with greater quality assurance

Simple process. Easily create requests, monitor client authorisation and receive a secure response directly from an audit evidence provider.
Layered security. Protected content, multiple authentication methods and a full audit trail ensures the quality of your audit evidence in line with auditing standards ISA505.
Turnaround time greatly reduced. Time savings at each stage in the process reduces turnaround by up to 90%, drives productivity gains for the audit team and reduces the regulatory risk of audit sign-off without the sufficient, appropriate evidence on file.

One Management Platform

Keep it central. Initiate at the audit planning stage, manage progress and control all your audit confirmation requests in a single secure workspace.
Reduce risk. Secure environment with authenticated individuals and an audit trail, removes the risk of interception of paper letters or e-mails for fraud purposes.
Template and workflow management. Built-in flexibility means all types of confirmation requests can be generated within the platform and paper workflow preferences for certain clients can remain within the one system.

Client Authorisation and Collaboration

Simple, intuitive design. Easy for your client to authorise a request from anywhere and on any device.
Access and permissions. The client company’s in-house accountant can be invited to engage and manage the audit process.
Access and permissions. The client company’s in-house accountant can be invited to engage and manage the audit process.

Direct Messaging

Connect better. Improve client experience during audit engagements, enable secure digital connections and reduce reliance on unsecure email.
Communication in context. Circit’s secure messaging channel allows communication with both your client and their bank, providing direct contextual relevance to a particular request.
Raise and resolve exceptions. Queries raised by either party can be resolved as they arise, comments remain within the audit trail and turnaround time compared to a paper process is improved by close to 99%.

Automatic Roll forward

Automatic roll-forward capabilities means no more annual re- work on word documents or maintaining control sheet summaries in excel.


Circit delivers reporting metrics to drive audit improvements in terms of quality and turnaround time.

Improved staff experience

With Circit, your staff spend less time on manual paper based work and concentrate on the higher value added services to your clients.

Validated secure network

Circit performs the validation procedures for you. All communications are completely secure and encrypted which removes the possibility of a request being intercepted for fraud.