Simple, Secure Audit Query Process for Evidence Providers

Balance security and user experience

Centralise management.
Allow customers go digital.

Simplify key processes. Automatic segregation into workflows, safely manage outgoing data and track the whole process with an intuitive user interface.
External messaging and internal notes. Fast auditor issue resolution, transparent communication across all teams and flexible permission settings.
Reduce costs, increase productivity. Eliminate the time drain of follow up phone calls, remove manual paper tracking systems and deliver a better experience for staff and customers.

Safeguard Customer Data

Validated network. Circit will confirm delivery to a registered auditor who has been screened and brought through a verification process. The auditor making the request is the only person who can decrypt a response containing customer data. All actions are recorded in an unchangeable audit log.
GDPR compliance. Circit ensures your compliance with GDPR. See more on Compliance
Reduce risk. Share sensitive information with auditors with higher security compared to the current process which allows highly sensitive customer information to be delivered by paper to unauthenticated individuals, in an unsecured environment and with limited audit trail.

Customer Experience

Having their bank participating in the Circit network means your customers can fully benefit from the features Circit provides and drive efficiencies during their year end audit.


Internal quality review is made easy with key data available for team leads to identify bottlenecks and continuously demonstrate improvements.

Control Environment

Circit and its staff are governed by robust administrative controls which adhere to ISO 27001 and are committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all the information assets within its Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Straight forward setup

Minimal internal re-organisation required, there are no annual licence fees, no setup costs and no support costs. Please contact to understand how Circit can quickly drive cost savings for your organisation.