Our Mission & Vision


To verify the trusted source in every business transaction.

We have offices in 4 cities across the world
We have offices in 4 cities across the world
We have offices in 4 cities across the world


To create the world's best user experience for verifying assets and transactions, one that increases transparency in financial statements and builds society's trust in the future of a business.


What we believe


We make the journey wonderful

We are a diverse and talented team who believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation and challenging the status quo. Our forward thinking clients inspire us to create exciting partnerships, and we are mindful of making every stage of the journey wonderful, for everyone.


We collaborate as one

We move together seamlessly as a team, prioritising partnership and collaboration as we build our company. Greater than the sum of our parts, we embrace different perspectives to make better decisions. If something goes wrong, it's never just one person's fault.


We’re passionate about impact

Every opportunity starts with a passion to make things better for our customers. We are inquisitive about the jobs they do and proactive in bringing our ingenuity and leading technology to every solution.


We’re open, trustworthy and down to earth

We are always open to understanding another person’s point of view. We are grounded, approachable, accountable and step up to deliver. We believe in strong opinions loosely held and are always open minded in the search for better outcomes. 

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Check what our people say

The best reason to work at Circit is that you will have colleagues who support and challenge you to do the best work of your career. We combine a big-picture mindset with obsessive attention to the details, collaborative mindset, and shared passion to deliver impact to our customers and their clients.


Increasing the pace of innovation

2017 - The Launch

First pitched at a Dublin fintech hackathon hosted by Ulster Bank, Circit had an unlikely start for a team of auditors with an idea. The idea was a platform that could prove asset ownership across all of financial services, and verify...

2019 - The Accelerator

The bigger vision starts to become a reality as Circit achieves regulator approval by the Central Bank of Ireland as the first Account Information Services Provider (AISP) underthe PSD2 regulation and Open
Banking in the U.K with the FCA...

2020 - Rapid Growth

We achieved 400%+ revenue growth in 2020, the team tripled in size and we supported the rollout to ‘Big Four’ audit firms who confirmed balance-sheet positions with over three thousand different financial services providers.

2022 - The Future

In the next 10 years, the global financial system will undergo the biggest shift in history where every business will have financial technology built-in. Trust and identity will be critical components for the frictionless transactions expected by the market. Automation through Open APIs, AI and smart contracts will completely remove manual processing, freeing up businesses and their advisers to do what they do best for a safe sustainable future.

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But it's our people who make it all possible

Passionate, committed and talented people make up the Circit team.  We have brought together some of the best genius from around the world all dedicated to making life better for our customers.

Laura Scanlon

FS Partnerships Director

''Dynamic skills and teamwork makes being a part of Circit very exciting as we deliver the next generation of audit technology to the market"

Laura Scanlon

Jason O'Shaughnessy

VP Sales & Partnerships

"Circit is an innovative FinTech that embraces technology to improve the lives of auditors and banks."

Jason O'Shaughnessy

Mariam Barakat

Head of Creative

“What I love is that we don’t just build technology we design solutions that people love to use”

Mariam Barakat

Suzann Archer

Chief People Officer

"With an exceptional innovative and collaborative culture, I am excited to bring a people centric approach to Circit, a high growth industry disrupter."

Suzann Archer

Laura Macek

Growth Marketing Manager

"At Circit, I get to work with brilliant people across all kinds of disciplines on a platform that adds real value. That's what I really enjoy."

Laura Macek

Conor O'Donoghue

VP, Product

"I love building innovative products that actually improve the lives of our users on a day-to-day basis. Working with a team of passionate and talented people makes it even more exciting."

Conor O'Donoghue

Gareth Bidder

VP Compliance and Business Operations

"The transparent and fast-paced culture we have here at Circit means we can quickly adapt to meet the challenges our customers and industry needs us to solve for them."

Gareth Bidder

Jaap de Waard

VP of Business Development

“I am extremely excited about the opportunities for Circit, bringing fintech into the audit profession”

Jaap de Waard

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