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Circit helps customers across the globe re-imagine their audit work by delivering a new level of independence evidence

We’re building a platform for ambitious companies around the world to make moving money as simple, borderless, and programmatic as the rest of the internet. Our teams are based in dozens of global offices and we process hundreds of billions of dollars each year for every size of business—from startups to Fortune 500s.

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"Our teams saved up to 4 hours per client, and turnaround times on confirmations are down 80%."
BDO brand
“We have been using Circit for a year now and have found the bank confirmation process a lot smoother than when we previously requested bank confirmations manually. Circit allows us to have all of the requests in one central location which enables anyone from any of our offices to keep up to date with any client. Whenever there is a confirmation request that needs chasing with the bank the Circit team are able to keep us updated with the position.”
David Cresswell
''Circit has enabled us to transform the audit confirmation process right across our business. Simple and easy to use it gives us a central location from which we can manage all requests to all providers for all our clients. For us it is significantly improving request turnaround times, automating the client authorization process, and providing us with the independent audit evidence needed''
Angela Chorlton 
Associate Director
''AIB continues to look for ways to make our customers’ lives easier through digital transformation. We’re proud to work Circit to enable our business customers to securely authorize audit confirmation requests. Through the time and paper savings that this will create, we’re delighted to provide a more sustainable and efficient way of processing audits for our customers” ‍
Peter Vance
Head of Customer Services
"We've saved time - which is essential in busy season. Circit streamlines our day-to-day by ensuring all Letter of Authorities and Confirmation Requests are in the same place. And, allows for direct communication with banks using the provider messaging tool. After two audit cycles, we're really impressed with how its changed our procedures. We recommend Circit to other audits firms looking to help. Improve audit processes"
The Ellacotts Team
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