Centralise your team and automate operations. End-to-end encrypted and more than 2x faster

Automatically create responses and digitally send to auditors within seconds, saving days and often weeks in turnaround time.

Intuitive Dashboard
Manage everything in one place with clear visibility of requests in real-time. In-app messaging provides a direct and secure link for all auditor communications.
AI Automation & API Integrations
Circit’s AI engine and built-in templates save time for your team to respond to auditors in seconds, and with our API you can choose to move towards full automation.
One Process for 100% of Auditors
Respond in the same way across your whole operation to auditors anywhere in the world. Improve security and evidence your work with an automated audit trail.

Help your corporate clients  get to audit completion faster  

Audit confirmations are critical evidence, and can often delay the signing of the audit report if not received. Where you receive requests externally through e-mail, fax, or post, you can manage everything the same way with a direct and secure link to auditors within the platform.

Here is what our clients have to say:

‘’Our teams saved up to 4 hours per client, and turnaround times on confirmations are down 80%.’’
Gavin Smyth
“The new procedure has generated a qualitative and quantitative change due to both internal improvements and the delivery system through the Circit platform, which increases security. The use of the Circit platform has also led to cost savings in BPO."
Miguel Ángel López de León Domínguez
Responsible for confirmation process at Bankinter
TMF Group
"Managing the relationship with our auditors across multiple entities can be a major administrative burden. Circit has completely streamlined many of the most painful processes, and it is simple for my team to use."
Sam Sengupta
Director of Operations for UK & Ireland
Haines Watts logo
"Circit has enabled us to transform the audit confirmation process right across our business. Simple and easy to use it gives us a central location from which we can manage all requests to all providers for all our clients. For us it is significantly improving request turnaround times, automating the client authorization process and providing us with the independent audit evidence needed."
Associate Director
Angela Chorlton
"The Circit Platform has transformed this area of our audit engagements with clients and counter-parties. Confirming balances and arrangements directly with banks and solicitors is now a seamless process, all within one system."
Kevin Foley Partner
Audit and Assurance
"AIB continues to look for ways to make our customers’ lives easier through digital transformation. We’re proud to work with Circit to enable our business customers to securely authorise audit confirmation requests.  Through the time and paper savings that this will create, we’re delighted to provide a more sustainable and efficient way of processing of audits for our customers.”  
Peter Vance
Head of Customer Services
"We’re using the Circit platform for all our requests now, and I’m really pleased with how it's working out – the ability to get electronic authorities has been particularly useful given the current circumstances and I love having everything in one place."
Samantha Day
Audit Manager
MGI Delta logo
“Given the highly confidential nature of the industry, reliance on Circit was an excellent investment and it provides us with a competitive edge in the market of audit services.”
Vladimir Kolmakov
Managing Partner
Haines Watts logoTMF Group
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