Confirmation Requests

Accelerate your workflow with effortless AR /AP confirmations

Boost response rates, automatically track the status of all confirmations and save hours in the process

One platform, seamlessly connecting all stakeholders

Bulk Create and Collaborate

Enhance your workflow with advanced bulk upload tools. Generate multiple requests with one click, collaborate effortlessly with clients, their customers and suppliers, and reduce administrative burdens for everyone involved.

Elevate your Audits

Expedite debtor responses and facilitate request preparation. Export automated working papers effortlessly, transforming your AR/AP testing into a unified Excel workbook for unparalleled audit management.

Enhance Audit Quality & Compliance

Reduce manual data entry errors and automate with built-in templates, all within a centralized platform offering real-time tracking, full visibility and detailed audit trails for regulatory compliance.

Here's how it works


Saves up to 70% of time for auditors

A fully automated, centralized and streamlined process for AR/AP confirmations.

For every client, to every provider, across your whole firm and verify bank accounts in real-time with Circit's regulated solution

Bulk upload and creation of requests in excel style interface

Real-time tracking with automated follow up reminders

Higher response rates with simplified process for customers/suppliers

Enhanced productivity with built-in templates and in-platform collaboration

Export automated working papers of your AR/AP testing into Excel workbooks

Expedite customer & supplier responses and minimize alternative procedures

Streamline balance verification processes and ensure accuracy

Reduce manual tasks and focus on higher-value audit activities


Security and compliance at the core


Circit’s platform meets the highest international security certification ensuring confidentiality and file integrity.
All content is encrypted in transit and at rest with world-class encryption and key management techniques along with a one-time AES-256 symmetric key.

Our focus on security protects your clients’ highly sensitive data in the most robust way.

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CERTIFIED & Accredited
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