Secure and intuitive client collaboration

PBC Client Collaboration fosters collaboration within teams and between firms and their clients. As a central source for all documents and communications, Client Collaboration provides instant visibility on all client engagements. Benefit from features such as automated client request lists and automatic roll forward for real impact on time spent on managing requests.  
Clients can easily be granted access for enhanced collaboration.

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Discover the benefits

With Client Collaboration, client request lists are created automatically, everything's organised in one place, progress is clear and a sense of calm sets in.

Central platform

Centralise communication between clients and team members.

Clear visibility

With a complete roadmap for every document, workflows are easily reviewed and managed.

Happy clients

Client collaboration is instantly improved by visibility, standardisation and automation.

Return on investment

"‘Managing the relationship with our auditors across multiple entities can be a major administrative burden. Circit has completely streamlined many of the most painful processes, and it is simple for my team to use."

"4 hours saved per client"

"Extremely user friendly"

"So much more than just confirmations"


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