Rickard Luckin selects Circit to improve client experience:

“We have been listening to our clients and looking at how we can improve our client experience. In an era of increasing volumes of information exchange, we want to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience when interacting with us in this way.
With this in mind we have been assessing existing methods and we are excited to announce that we have introduced Circit, through which we can interact with our audit clients.”
Amit Popat, Director within Rickard Luckin’s Audit and Accounts Team.

Originally published by Rickard Luckin team at Rickard Luckin.

The Audit Team at Rickard Luckin has joined forces with Circit, an
award-winning technology solution provider, to improve client experience
by introducing a new client portal. The new audit client portal is a cloud native user friendly platform that provides Rickard Luckin and its clients with a secure document exchange portal.  It allows for information requests, files and documents to be safely and securely exchanged between both parties.
It avoids the need for either party to use emails to send documents or send documents by other means.

Circit provides a complete audit trail, storing all queries in one place in the cloud and offering a 100% guarantee for the protection of all sensitive files. The portal has a number of key benefits; in particular it:

  • Provides a simple to use secure messaging and document exchange facility using proven security technologies. It is ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant
  • Allows an exchange of “deliverables” lists and audit and accounting queries all in one place, with the ability to direct queries to specific individuals within your finance team. Responses are associated with those requests and queries and can be tracked through to ensure timely completion
  • Allows for Rickard Luckin to send certain documents for approval to their clients and approve at the click of a button
  • Provides Rickard Luckin and their clients with a depository for key documents and can be accessed at will 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Amit Popat explained:

“We are confident that our audit clients will benefit from the use of Circit and that it will add to the overall experience that our clients have with Rickard Luckin.”

Circit spokesperson, Alex Aubrey, UK Country Manager added:

“We are delighted to have been assessed and selected by Rickard Luckin to support this critical client facing process. We place user experience
at the heart of the tool which in turn facilitates
the timely completion of information collection, generating efficiencies for all parties.
The partnership is only just beginning with Rickard Luckin and we look forward to working with the team and developing in line with
the requirements”

Circit is excited to work with Richard Luckin in delivering the best experience for their clients and team. Want to see how Circit can help with your client experience?

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