UniCredit Bank Austria and Circit are today announcing a partnership to digitise and streamline the exchange of audit confirmations between the bank and Circit’s global auditor network.  

As of the 4th of December 2023 Bank Austria will be accepting digital audit confirmation requests by way of an implementation of the Circit platform across the entire bank. For the very first time, their client’s auditors can now communicate with UniCredit Bank Austria over the secure and encrypted channels provided by the Circit platform.  

“Implementing the Circit platform will give our clients and their auditors a new encrypted digital channel with which to request and receive balance confirmations. This is not only an exciting new service for our business clients but will also drive significant efficiencies within the bank itself. It aligns perfectly with our digital strategy while maintaining the highest standards in data security.” - Michael Buchinger, Large Corporates at UniCredit Bank Austria

This new bank partnership will further cement Circit as the most widely used and secure method of requesting audit confirmations throughout the entire country of Austria. Auditors can now:

  • Request audit confirmations over secure digital channels with UniCredit Bank Austria
  • Increase efficiencies throughout the firm in relation to all audit clients who are customers of UniCredit Bank Austria
  • Eliminate the environmental and monetary costs associated with physical postage and packaging    

“This is a very significant development for our continued success and commitment to the Austrian market. Partnering with an institution such as UniCredit Bank Austria, and with such a globally recognised parent in UniCredit, is testament to the levels of efficiency and security our platform can provide to any audit firm or evidence provider. We will be announcing further bank partnerships in Austria in the very near future.” - Conor McAleavey, Chief Partnerships Officer at Circit

For more information on how Circit can help you streamline and digitise your audit confirmation process please contact info@circit.io.

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