Centralised the audit creation and chasing process

Established clear audit trail for transparency

Visibility across clients and audits via the dashboard for the broader team

“Circit really caught our attention, and as we delved deeper, we found it to be not only a compelling solution but also a wise financial decision.
That's why we chose it.”
Michael Gummery, HLB Partner, HLB Mann Judd.


Before implementing Circit, HLB utilised another digital solution as part of their wider process for auditing with their offshore team. While on one hand the previous method allowed them to centralise their auditing process, it was entirely too expensive to keep up with long-term and required them to pay by credit card.

HLB Mann Judd were introduced to Circit via the HLB International Network, as Circit is an affinity partner of HLB network. Once HLB discovered Circit and made the initial contact, they internally created a working group to evaluate the platform as per their requirements.
As part of their evaluation of Circit, HLB assessed their security and cyber security concerns, practicality of dual-running the two solutions if they went ahead with Circit, and in general training and adapting the team to use the new solution. At this time HLB didn’t review any other suppliers, deciding to use Circit once it was cleared from a budget perspective.
The team were transparent and open with their communication about implementing Circit as their new solution once the decision was made.

Implementation of Circit as an auditing solution

The use of Circit as the main auditing solution was pushed out for HLB’s entire client base. There was positive feedback from the wider team and everyone was willing to work towards making the adoption of Circit a success. Support and service from Circit staff to create customised legal templates, specifically to match HLB’s requirement to work together helped the team transition to their new solution.

As with any new technology, there were some kinks to iron out, such as the process used by the team to manage confirmations on Circit, as mentioned by Mike: “Getting people to adopt new technology is always hard.”

However, HLB used a top-down approach to communicate with the wider team on the adoption of Circit, specifically the cost-savings they calculated with using Circit vs their previous main solution. It helped the team understand the need for using Circit.

Impact of using Circit since it was first implemented

- Financial impact: significant cost savings
- Dashboard: a centralised view of tracking the statuses of requests in one place
- Chasers: the team being able to send chase requests on outstanding requests
- Legal firms: Circit team proactively verifying legals firms HLB use regularly
- Ease of use: simple and intuitive platform


HLB Mann Judd are now in their second year of using Circit and are fully embracing the platform to fit their auditing requirements. With Circit’s growth in the APAC region, HLB are one of the leading firms working with Circit and leveraging the improvements that the platform has brought to their team.

“All the team that we’ve dealt with at Circit have been really good to work with. They’ve all been very, very responsive, friendly, helpful, and professional. It’s been great from that perspective.”
Michael Gummery, HLB Partner, HLB Mann Judd.

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