Vladimir Kolmakov, Managing Partner at MGI Delta, Bulgaria, shares his firm’s experience of adopting Global Tech Partner, Circit’s PBC Collaboration Platform – a win-win story as Circit expands its reach to Bulgaria and MGI Delta is able to improve its customer value proposition.

Why did MGI Delta choose Circit?

Circit is a familiar sponsor at UK & Ireland Region meetings and most recently at the 2020 Virtual Global Meeting. Following Circit’s online presentation at that meeting, Vladimir Kolmakov reached out to David Heath, Managing Director and MGI Worldwide contact at Circit.

Vladimir explains that MGI Delta is driven by the desire to provide services of the highest quality and in utmost security, and after a thorough analysis decided to entrust Circit and its PCB (Prepared by Client) Collaboration Platform. His expectations were exceeded. Vladimir describes the platform as easy and convenient to use, both by the firm and its clients.

"The real-time dashboard means that auditors have sight of the entire process and can check the progress of all their requests. Once AIB has completed the financial documents they are available securely and immediately for the auditors to download.”
Vladimir Kolmakov, Managing Partner at MGI Delta

How do clients respond to the new platform?

Vladimir explains that MGI Delta has tested the Circit PBC platform with some of its clients who have all expressed how happy they are with it. As a result, Vladimir is keen to share MGI Delta’s experience with other member firms so that they may also benefit.

How can Circit help your firm?

Circit provides a complete audit trail, storing all queries in one place in the cloud and offering a 100% guarantee for the protection of all sensitive files.

Using Circit, firms can perform high quality audits, collaborate with clients, and instantly verify assets at source. Circit’s PBC Client Collaboration platform provides MGI Worldwide CPAAI firms and their clients with a seamless collaboration experience, offering visibility on all client engagements in one place and providing instant insight into the status of all request lists and client conversations.

The platform is incredibly simple to use. Firms simply select the request list tailored for the client or roll forward automatically from the previous year. Clients are then granted web-based access to upload requested information and communicate securely via in-app messaging.

Circit offers powerful reporting and tracks progress automatically within its dashboard, reducing the time you would have spent tracking conversations and file versions sent by client teams in multiple locations.

How to benefit from MGI Worldwide CPAAI's partnership with Circit

As one of our Global Tech Partners, our member firms can benefit from exclusive offers available to them.  

If your firm is finding it difficult to get documents signed in the current climate, Circit offers a straightforward solution that means no more printing, posting or scanning – everything is done from the one location and multiple client signatories can sign from anywhere, using any device.

“Given the highly confidential nature of the industry, reliance on Circit was an excellent investment and it provides us with a competitive edge in the market of audit services.”
Vladimir Kolmakov, Managing Partner at MGI Delta

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